May 31, 2015


I provide a variety of services to help you perfect your manuscript or book proposal. I am comfortable editing both fiction and nonfiction, and have a wealth of experience in literary fiction, commercial fiction (women’s fiction, science fiction, horror, mystery/crime, thriller, and suspense), narrative nonfiction, memoir, and humor. For a sampling of books I’ve edited, click here.

Novels and Nonfiction Manuscripts

From a structural, “big picture” edit (focusing on content, theme, plot, pacing, and characterization) to a detailed line edit (focusing on voice, language and style), I can help you unpack, re-pack, and polish your book. Whether it’s the first time someone other than you is reading your manuscript, or you’ve been through unsuccessful rounds of agent querying and are ready to revise and try again, my years of experience as an acquiring editor at major publishing houses will help take you to the next level. I’ll give you specific, meaningful suggestions for improving your work so that it’s ready to present to literary agents and publishers, or to self-publish with confidence.

Nonfiction proposals

I can help you create a book proposal from the ground up, or I can take a look at what you already have and make suggestions for how to improve it based on my extensive knowledge of what agents and editors look for when evaluating the hundreds of proposals that cross their desks each week.


I am also available to edit short fiction, essays, articles, website text and query letters. Contact me at for more information.