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More than 100 books edited and counting.
15 years at major publishing houses

I'm a freelance editor and writer based in Brooklyn and the Dominican Republic. I graduated with honors from Harvard University ('00) and spent fifteen years working in New York City's top publishing houses.

In 2015, I made the exciting/terrifying decision to leave behind a successful career as an acquiring editor and go out on my own. I wanted to be free to put one hundred percent of my time, energy, and focus into working with writers—and spend less of it in meetings, running profit & loss statements, and eating overpriced chopped salads at my desk when instead I could be happily working from home or abroad.

During my time in publishing, I edited more than one hundred books across an array of categories—including literary fiction, crime and thrillers, memoir, narrative nonfiction, humor, travel, food, and politics.

Authors I've worked with include James Lee Burke, Chris Cleave, Jeffery Deaver, Deborah Feldman, Gillian Flynn, Artis Henderson, Cara Hoffman, Stephen Hunter, David Javerbaum, Jen Kirkman, Jessica Knoll, Shane Kuhn, Barry Lancet, Rosamund Lupton, Andrew Pyper, Jay Rayner, Michael Farris Smith, Taylor Stevens, and many more.

The books I've edited have been optioned for film and television; named to "Best of the Year" lists by outlets such as The New York Times Book Review, San Francisco Chronicle, Seattle Times, and Christian Science Monitor, as well as Amazon, Powell's, and Hudson Booksellers; shortlisted for and won prestigious awards in both literary and crime fiction; and have received superlative review coverage from all major newspapers and magazines, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, People, and Entertainment Weekly.

Helping my authors achieve those reviews and recognition—through thoughtful, intensely personal guidance and creative collaboration—was always the most satisfying part of my job. And thanks to my fifteen years in the business, I have loads of experience in assessing manuscripts for both critical attention and commercial potential. So not only can I work my editorial magic and take pleasure in the creation of great art, I can offer valuable insight into what literary agents, editors, and publishers are looking for, or help craft the ideal version of any book for self-publication.

If you have a manuscript in need, I hope you'll consider hiring me as your editor.


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